Sustainable water-repellent solutions for the development of China's textile industry


Lee Howarth, global marketing manager of Huntsman textile dyeing and chemical, said: "the global shift to non fluorine alternatives has made the Chinese textile industry face challenges, but there are already feasible alternatives on the market, and more products are under development."
As regulators in North America, the European Union and other regions tighten controls on the industrial use of fluorine-containing products, Chinese textile manufacturers are also seeing more demand for non-fluorinated alternative chemicals. In addition, many of the world's leading outdoor clothing brands are also looking to incorporate more sustainable products into their textiles, which in turn has encouraged chemical suppliers to produce non-fluorinated alternative chemicals.
For a long time, fluorinated formula products have been widely used in outdoor clothing, umbrellas, tents, bags and other accessories to prevent water and oil. However, in the past decade, there has been a growing interest in sustainable chemical products, especially to replace long-chain fluorinated products. Therefore, chemical companies have been committed to producing alternative chemicals for use in clothing and textiles with high rain and stain resistance.
As early as 2015, Huntsman Textile Dyeing and Kemu jointly launched Teflon EcoElite non-fluorine durable water repellent using Zelan R3 technology. This is the industry's first long-lasting water repellent developed using renewable resources, containing 60% plant-based raw materials, in line with key industry standards. It provides excellent water resistance and durability for wool, cotton and blend fabrics while maintaining fabric breathability-up to or beyond the level of performance possible with fluorinated technology.
Recently, the cooperation between Huntsman Textile Dyeing and Kemu has produced new results-TeflonTM Eco Dry. TeflonTM Eco Dry uses Zelan R2 Plus technology and contains 38% renewable plant-based raw materials to provide a high level of durable water resistance for all substrates.
Another breakthrough product that changed the market is the PHOBOTEX RSY fluorine-free durable water repellent introduced by Huntsman Textile Dyeing in 2017. It is specially designed to meet the requirements of synthetic fiber and cellulose fiber fabrics to enhance protection, comfort and durability. Developed. PHOBOTEX RSY can meet the requirements of all brands of clothing to provide high-performance protection in extreme weather conditions, such as rain, sleet and snow, it is an ideal choice for the production of high-performance outerwear fabrics.
These technologies are not only more sustainable, but in many cases also have better performance than fluorination. Even so, chemical companies still have a lot of work to do-changing end-customer needs, increasingly stringent regulatory requirements, the need to improve operational efficiency, and a more competitive market environment, all of which will continue to drive continuous innovation.
Earlier this year, Huntsman and Chemours announced that they would deepen their historic alliance to cover not only all durable water repellent solutions, including fluorinated and non-fluorinated alternatives, but also to leverage their strengths in product innovation, technical support, marketing and manufacturing.
As leaders in the field of water repellent, the cooperation between Huntsman and Comus originated in the early 1990 s and has spanned nearly 30 years. Through this expanded alliance, we hope to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable textile industry by promoting the development and application of alternative durable anti-splash chemicals that combine sustainability and performance.