Operation Analysis of China Chemical Fiber Industry in 2021 and Prospect in 2022


In 2021, the global economy will gradually recover, and China's economy will continue to recover and develop, with its economic growth rate among the highest in the world. The internal and external demand for textiles and clothing in China has picked up, and the advantages of a complete industrial system have been fully utilized. This year, the development of China's chemical fiber industry has been accompanied by "double circulation", consumption upgrading, energy consumption "double control" and industrial safety. The operation of the industry has shown gratifying characteristics: thanks to the in-depth promotion of supply side structural reform, the supply and demand pattern of the industry has improved; with the development of refining and chemical integration, the supporting facilities of the industrial chain have become more perfect, and the profit distribution of the industrial chain has become more balanced; industry product development continues to strengthen, product differentiation and high quality has been able to meet the domestic and international market demand......

In 2021, China's chemical fiber industry into the post-epidemic era of recovery stage, the overall performance of price increases, profit increases, inventory stability of the situation, to achieve a good start to the "14th Five-Year Plan. However, it is worth noting that with the gradual weakening of the low base effect in 2020, the growth momentum of the industry has gradually slowed down, and the growth rate of the main economic performance indicators has shown a clear trend of "high before and low after.

Basic Situation of Chemical Fiber Industry Operation in 1. 2021

(I) production situation

Chemical fiber production in 2021 was 65.24 million tons, up 8.29 YoY (Table 1). Among them, in addition to viscose filament, acrylic fiber production decreased by 2.42, 11.87, the output of other major products have achieved positive growth, especially polyester filament increased by 10.77, spandex increased by 10.08.