China Textile And Garment Industry Awards Ceremony Blooms "China Needle Meeting"


On April 20th, the 101st "China Needle Association" opened a new chapter in Shanghai and continued to write new brilliance; the "China Needle Association · Le Weaving Night" celebration dinner and the China Textile and Apparel Industry Awards Ceremony gathered new forces to commend new achievements. Jiang Zengwei, former president of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Li Jianhua, executive president of the China Textile Business Association, Liang Renkan, consultant, Lei Limin, vice president and secretary general, Peng Guifu, vice president, Han Yungang, vice president, Yu Yuenan, former party committee secretary of China Business Group, and Zhang Guoqiang, deputy magistrate of Suning County, Hebei Province, attended the ceremony.
Li Jianhua said in his speech that the "hundred" foot pole head, more "one" step. The 101st "China Needle Fair" gathered high-quality brands in the industry, demonstrated the new forces in the industry, integrated online and offline channels, deeply explored the energy of the industry, presented a prosperous and vibrant industry event for all exhibitors and audiences, and created a pragmatic, efficient and in-depth docking trade platform. The "China Needle Association", which has gone through the 100th grand ceremony, is facing the future and welcoming the new life with high vitality and vigorous vitality, joining hands with Chinese textile enterprises to forge ahead and lead the Chinese textile industry to start a new journey.
At the 100th grand ceremony of the "China Needle Association", the China Textile Business Association grandly launched the "China Textile and Apparel Industry Hall of Fame" honor. A total of 43 textile and apparel industry celebrities were selected into the first batch of "Hall of Fame". This year, the second batch of "Hall of Fame" glory released, they are: wu Yiming of Shanghai Saiyang Group, Zhou Xuze of Shenzhen Aidai Underwear Co., Ltd., Guan Enjie of Foshan Wanfu Garment Co., Ltd., Song Jialin of Shantou Meijiameinong Garment Co., Ltd., Wang Zhiqiang of Guangdong Shell Gathering Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Dai Juan of Shaanxi Stylish Internal Care Commercial Operation Management Co., Ltd., Wu Hua of Foshan Zunmei Garment Co., Ltd., Huang Weiqing of Jiangsu Juxi Textile Technology Co., Ltd. Company Zhang Jun, Zhejiang Jida Textile Co., Ltd. Chen Cundong, Anhui Lin Xi Meng Technology Co., Ltd. Jin Aixiang, Zhejiang Amelia Slimming Clothing Co., Ltd. He Qiaoying, Zhongshan Light Luxury Clothing Co., Ltd. Hu Xifang, Dongyang Yu Mei Clothing Co., Ltd. Ge Weijun, Anhui Hui Textile Family General Manager Jin Huai Gen, Mingyuan Underwear Chain Chairman Dong Shuangqing, Sichuan Honghong Clothing Chairman Hu Xinping, Guangzhou Jinbao Yin Underwear Co., Ltd. Cai Youting, General Manager of Underwear Co., Ltd., Han Shaoze, General Manager of Shenyang Yuncun Garment Co., Ltd., Li Xiaoling, Chairman of Hubei Yadaili Chain, Zhang Xuan of Zhejiang Meirenji Health Technology Co., Ltd., Ceng Hua, Chairman of Jiangxi Zeng's Underwear Co., Ltd., Hu Jianming, Underwear Cloud Media, Shi Jinmei, General Manager of Yunnan Muchun Garment Co., Ltd., and Li Huaping, General Manager of Shaanxi Aihua.
Stick to the first heart, persistent ingenuity. The conference also commended a number of industry elites and star enterprises. Yu Jinmiao, Wang Jia, Deng Yuejin, Liu Huayi, Liu Oasis, Wu Yiming, Wu Yongxin, Wu Mingze, Li Kaixiang, Chen Shaochao, Chen Liping, Zhou Wenjiang, Zhou Xuze, Huang Xuxiao, Chen Yikun, Hu Xifang, Hu Xinping, Hu Jiqi and Yuan Qi won the honor of "Underwear Craftsman. Anhui linxi dream technology co., ltd., Guangzhou city new feeling clothing technology co., ltd., Baoding jinmiao underwear co., ltd., Sichuan junmei clothing, baiyou baihui chain, Shanxi yimian clothing co., ltd., Chengdu jianian textile trading co., ltd., Wuhan yadai clothing co., ltd., Hubei happy family, Wuxi hongdou home clothing co., ltd., Hunan mingyuan home chain co., Anhui haobo international underwear co., ltd., ltd., Kunming jingkai Luoyang gold underwear business department beijing Songshan Cotton Shop, Zhejiang Gangsha Knitwear Co., Ltd. and Zhengzhou Hongshen Trading Co., Ltd. won the "Top Ten Chain Enterprises in China's Underwear Industry".
In addition, the meeting also awarded the "Silk China Star Demonstration Shop". As an important platform for cocoon and silk public services of the Ministry of Commerce, "Silk China" aims to "promote silk culture and promote silk consumption". The evaluation of star-rated demonstration stores is intended to regulate the business behavior of the silk retail industry. After the preliminary review of the provincial silk associations and the expert review of the China Textile Business Association, a total of 49 four-star demonstration stores and 10 three-star demonstration stores were finally selected.